The Forest Community Foundation was established in 2001 with funds from the sale of the PUC.  $1.26M was originally invested in the fund and each year the FCF provides funding to several projects which directly benefit the residents of the old town of Forest.

The Forest Community Foundation is one of 191 community foundations across the country. We are connected by our national network, Community Foundations of Canada, and together we help Canadians invest in building strong and resilient places to live, work, and play.

For more information about the 191 community foundations of Canada, visit www.communityfoundations.ca and follow the hashtag #youmakeyourcommunity

Current Directors are:  Jordan McGregor (Chairperson), Archie McKinlay (Vice Chairperson), Sarah Jane Goodhand, Donna Jones, Penny Magee, Jesse Mason, Dianne McKellar, Bryan McKinlay and Keith Watson

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